Cue of the Week: “Mythic Battle”

This week’s cue is loud and percussive battle music with a historical/mythological mood. Readers of this blog know that I’m a big proponent of finding excuses to use anvils; if you feel likewise, keep your ears open during the climactic ending!

This piece was written for Syrinscape, whose app provides music and sound effects for tabletop games such as Pathfinder. It’s a lot easier than humming or doing your own foley when you’re the GM! Check them out here.

(Related trivia: the dramatic mid-cue vocal was provided by Syrinscape’s CEO, Ben Loomes.)

Cue of the Week: “Ghostly Attractions”

The title of this week’s cue suggests supernatural romance, but in fact it references the Attract Mode of arcade games, wherein games attempt to lure in prospective players. The music here is therefore akin to a main title theme for a film, or perhaps a trailer.

(PC and console video games don’t have to curry your interest, since you’ve already paid for them and there’s no fight for your attention in a noisy arcade. Opening cinematics aside, their introductory music is often more atmospheric and subtle.)

© GREE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cue of the Week: “The Ghostly Kitchen”

This week’s selection is the next cue from Gree/Vitei’s arcade shooter, “Ghost Attackers VR”, recently launched at VR Park Tokyo.

The second level of the game is a cluttered kitchen, worlds apart from the grandiose foyer or ballroom levels. Correspondingly, I thinned out the ensemble to feature solo instruments like violin and accordion, and gave the music a bit of an Eastern European folk flavor.

© GREE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cue of the Week: “The Ghostly Foyer”

This cue from Gree/Vitei’s “Ghost Attackers VR” (currently thrilling arcade-goers in Tokyo) accompanies the first level of the game. A first-level cue can effectively define a game score, since it’s the music players are likely to hear most frequently. In this case, the music reflects the madcap pacing of the arcade experience, and the zany-yet-spooky quality of the visuals.

The music is © GREE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cue of the Week: “The Ghostly Ballroom”

I recently had great fun scoring a ghost-shooting game by Vitei that launched with the new VR Park Tokyo. This week’s cue comes from the game’s ballroom level, wherein the majesty of formal dance is combined with laser fire and ghost carnage.

(And if you’re wondering just how much fun you’re missing by not being in Tokyo, check out this video.)

The music is © GREE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cue of the Week: “Audrey and Einstein (End Title)”

This week’s selection is the end-credit music for Audrey and Einstein. Rhythm acoustic guitar, accordion, piano, and glockenspiel join forces in an upbeat whimsical wrap-up. I usually like to recap a film’s main theme in its end title, but in this case the main theme didn’t quite click with the cheerful mood of the finale. (I do smuggle the theme into the cue’s “B” section, however.)

Accordion performed by Bear McCreary, and guitar by Tom Strahle.