Game Music - Selections

Epic Fantasy 
Morituri Te Salutant
Epic dramatic piece for orchestra and chorus.
Journey to Entrath
Lyrical theme for horns and sustained strings.
Wizard Ops Tactics
An orchestral cue with magical and militaristic undertones.
Sands of Arabia
Song of Greywood
Ethereral vocals over orchestra, with an epic fantasy flavor. (Vocal performance by Jennifer Lindsay.)
Clash of the Emirates
A pulsing battle cue featuring orchestra and ethnic drums.
Depths of Winter
Ambient and mystical, with a hint of militaristic things to come.
Vanguard Forward
Hybrid orchestral/electronica suggesting marching forces.
The Vennen
Sinister, diabolical theme for an evil spider race.


Star Trek Conquest
Rousing sci-fi orchestral anthem.
Above the World
Celestial, cold, ethereal - the music of the depths of space.


Troubles Overture
Hybrid orchestral/rock overture with a quirky edgy quality.
Pugnacious Rex
The Troops Arrive
Heroic, militaristic theme for the good guys.
The Assault Begins
Hybridized orchestral/rock/percussive action cue. Sci-fi/action feel.

Fun and Casual

Happy Endings
Happy tune for accordion, piano, mandolin, and acoustic guitar.
Cave Critters
Whimsical cue for percussion, low winds, and bass marimba.
Fun Kids Club #2
Upbeat, family-friendly pop with a playground feel.
Tropical bed
Evocative of tropical climates.

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Watch and listen to the intro cinematic for Empire Earth 2. Music recorded with the Budapest Film Orchestra and Chorus. Courtesy of Vivendi Games.
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